High speed, high accuracy, low latency, touch less, and intuitive – no buttons, joysticks, or gloves – This is Nimble – a gesture control device that fits on your fingertips and turns the 15 feet in front of any screen into a highly interactive control area. With this incredible device, your fingers are able to magically control a screen, presentation or game from a distance. Sub-millimeter accuracy, paired with incredibly low latency, makes Nimble the ideal gesture control system.

Nimble is an innovation by three undergraduates from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – Vivek Kumar, Harshit Shrivastava, and Abhishek Sharma – who dropped out to start Intugine Technologies and work on a project that would enable people to interact with computers and other devices anytime, anywhere using gestures.

“We loved games ourselves and this common interest brought us together. We felt the need for a new gaming device that is more immersive and interactive and provides a better experience than just clicking buttons or pressing keyboard buttons,” Vivek notes.

“You might have heard of similar products being launched. But they have used different technologies and cater to a different audience. Their range of action is also very small compared to Nimble which is 15 feet,” Harshit says.


Abhishek claims Nimble is far more accurate than Leap Motion and other competitors. That added range and accuracy opens up a whole range of applications. You can just put Nimble on your finger, plug-in the sensor on the PC and instantly interact with the screen, whether that be watching movies, controlling media players, playing games, or showing your presentation in a meeting. Gestures like swap, clap, flick and wave are enabled by the device. So, if you want to wake up your PC you could do so with a clap and then move the cursor with the tip of your finger.

“We are confident Nimble will completely change the way people view gesture control. From first-person shooter gaming, business presentations and academia, to something as simple as changing the song or dimming the lights, Nimble will revolutionize how people interact with technology,” he adds.


The Intugine team has already integrated Nimble with several applications like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Virtual Cop (shooting), Counter-Strike (shooting), Need for Speed (racing), Cut the Rope, Bowling, 2048, Subway Surfer, FIFA Shoot, YouTube, Google Search, Media Players (VLC, Windows Media Player, Winamp and other major players), Google Earth, Netflix, Windows Image Viewer, and Paint. As of now, Nimble is fully compatible with Windows, but at the time of shipping it will also start supporting iOS, Android and Linux.


You can pre-order the Early Bird edition at $79; Developer version at $99; and Consumer version, which will be shipped with a lot of fun and useful apps and games for both children and adults, at $99. Each package comes with two Nimbles, one for the tip of your finger (for a better gaming experience) and one in the shape of a ring for long term computer and home automation usage. The Family version (six rings and two sensors) will cost you $185.

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